Privacy Policy

A-Flowers OÜ Customer Data Processing Principles (privacy policy)

These principles of processing data of Clients are developed in accordance with the rules for protecting personal data and govern the conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Conditions) for processing data of visitors (hereinafter referred to as the Clients) of the online store (at

A-Flowers OÜ company processes the personal data of the Client when the Client purchases goods and / or visits the online store

The conditions come into force on May 25, 2018, however, they also apply to the processing of Customer data transmitted to A-Flowers OÜ before the above date.

1. What do these Terms mean for the Client?

We have developed the Terms, as we have undertaken to protect the privacy of our Customers. These Terms and Conditions provide an overview of the methods used by us to process Customer data, including (a) what data and for what purpose we process; (b) how A-Flowers OÜ processes (uses, discloses, etc.) information; (c) what rights you have in connection with the collection and processing of data by our company. When you visit the online store, we assume that you have read these Terms and agree to them.

Customers can read these Terms at

A-Flowers OÜ has the right to unilaterally amend the Terms at any time by informing the Client about changes on the A-Flowers OÜ website or in another way (for example, through the Clients page). Changes take effect from the moment they are published on the A-Flowers OÜ website, unless a different deadline is specified in the changes.

If for any reason you do not agree with the Terms, you can refuse to use the site, and also ask us questions related to the Terms through the communication channels specified in clause 9.

External Links: A-Flowers OÜ’s website uses links to websites operated by third parties. By clicking on such a link, you will be redirected from the website of A-Flowers OÜ to the website of another organization or company. Even if there is a link between the sites, A-Flowers OÜ does not control third-party sites. Each of them has its own privacy policy, the collection and processing of personal data. When visiting any of these sites, before transferring data you should familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of this site.

The concepts

A-Flowers OÜ – Online store at

Personal data – various information about the Client who is an individual.

Customer Data – various information that has become known to A-Flowers OÜ in connection with a visit to an online store by a Customer.

Client – an individual or legal entity that acquires or has acquired goods sold in the online store

Processing (of Customer data) – various operations performed with Customer data, including use, collection, storage, editing, reading, transfer, deletion, destruction of data, providing access to them and other actions.

The responsible processor of the Customers’ data is A-Flowers OÜ.

2. What data do we collect and why?

2.1. A-Flowers OÜ company collects and processes only the following data related to the purchase of goods in the online store, the services provided and relations with customers:

2.1.1. Customer contact information when placing an order: payer name, payee name, payer phone number, payee phone number, delivery address, payer email address;

2.1.2. when making a purchase in an online store – IP address and cookies: like many other websites, the A-Flowers OÜ website records your IP address and uses a standard technology called cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your computer when you visit a site. Cookies help your browser automatically identify you on the server. If you wish, you can block the storage of cookies in your browser, however, this may limit the functionality of certain sections of the site. A-Flowers OÜ does not associate an IP address with personal data. This means that your user session is being tracked, but your identity is not being established. However, some types of cookies allow us to store your data, for example, when filling out forms. Such cookies are sent to the browser only if you have consented to the storage of information;

2.1.3. financial data: bank account number when paying for purchases in the online store;

2.1.4. communication data: conversations that are conducted when purchasing goods in the online store, in a form that can be reproduced in writing, as well as communication between A-Flowers OÜ and the Client by regular or e-mail;

2.1.5. data related to purchases and services: for example, information related to purchases made or services provided at A-Flowers OÜ (for example, consent forms, service agreements); information related to the delivery of goods from the online store, inquiries and complaints;

2.2. When processing customer data, A-Flowers OÜ is guided by applicable laws and takes the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure security, prevent illegal processing and publication of customer data, as well as third parties access to it.

2.3. Processing of Customer data is carried out only in the European Union.

3. How does A-Flowers OÜ use the collected customer data? (Purpose of processing customer data)

A-Flowers OÜ company processes Customer data primarily for the following purposes:

3.1. to provide related services to the Client, conduct marketing analysis and statistics. For this purpose, A-Flowers OÜ may offer services to the Client, including sending offers based on the consent of the Client or the desire of A-Flowers OÜ to improve the quality of services provided to the Client. A-Flowers OÜ can conduct Customer research and marketing analysis, as well as compile statistics and organize campaigns based on the legitimate interest of A-Flowers OÜ in improving or developing new services and the A-Flowers OÜ Online Store;

3.2. to ensure that the services meet the requirements;

3.3. to increase the efficiency of technical systems and information technology solutions, to adapt the website of the online store to various devices and to develop services through testing and improvement based on the legitimate interest of A-Flowers OÜ;

3.4. to confirm and protect claims based on the performance of a contract or other legal obligation (for example, accounting obligations, claims related to distance selling, etc.) or the legitimate interest of A-Flowers OÜ, for example, to draw up legal claims, appeals etc.;

3.5. accept payments through payment service providers, incl. Maksekeskus AS (registration code 12268475). In order to receive Customer’s payment for a product or service, A-Flowers OÜ has the right to redirect the Customer via a bank link to the payment service provider’s website, as well as transmit the data related to the Customer’s payment to the latter.

4. How do we send offers to our Clients?

4.1. A-Flowers OÜ sends to the Client, with the consent of the latter, personal offers and newsletters. Direct marketing may be based on an analysis of the services used by the Client or the goods purchased. Proposals can be sent using the Customer’s contact information collected during the registration of the Customer’s card, when purchasing goods or providing services, or in any other legal way.

5. To whom can we transfer Customer data?

5.1. Customer data is transmitted to authorized agencies, for example, law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies, including the Department of Consumer Protection.

5.2. A-Flowers OÜ may disclose Customer data to third parties who provide services to A-Flowers OÜ and fulfill the requirements for protecting data of A-Flowers OÜ Customers. A third party may be partners of A-Flowers OÜ, engaged in orders and delivery of goods, service and maintenance of the online store, as well as partners providing marketing services, including legal entities and the service of sending alerts (news, offers).

5.3. A-Flowers OÜ also has the right to disclose Customer data to an auditor, legal and financial advisor or other authorized A-Flowers OÜ persons, provided that the disclosed data is necessary for said persons (if there is justifiable interest).

6. How long do we store data?

6.1. Customer data is not processed longer than necessary. Duration of storage may be based on agreements with the Customer, justified by the interest of A-Flowers OÜ or applicable legal acts (for example, laws related to accounting, legal regulation of distance selling and other legal norms).

7. What are the rights of a private customer?

In connection with the processing of Personal Data by A-Flowers OÜ, a Client who is a private person has the following rights:

7.1. submit an application for editing incorrect Personal Data, if they are incomplete, inaccurate or insufficient;

7.2. partially or completely withdraw consent to the processing of Personal Data (for example, consent to receive direct marketing offers); if the Customer withdraws consent to the processing of Personal Data, A-Flowers OÜ cannot provide the Customer with the use of the online store. Consent can be revoked by sending an application to;

7.3. restrict the processing of his Personal Data in accordance with applicable law, including during the period when the Client submitted an application for editing or deleting his Personal Data, and A-Flowers OÜ decides whether it is possible to satisfy his requirement;

7.4. to request the deletion of their data, for example, if the data is processed with his consent, and the Client withdraws it. Data deletion cannot be requested if the Personal data requested by the Client to delete is also processed on other grounds, for example, to fulfill a contract or legal obligation;

7.5. receive your Personal Data transmitted and processed with his consent or for the execution of the contract, in writing or electronically, or, if technically feasible, transfer your data to another service provider (right to transfer data);

7.6. receive information on whether A-Flowers OÜ processes its personal data and access to these data;

7.7. make claims regarding the processing of your Personal Data if the processing of data is based on the legitimate interest of A-Flowers OÜ;

7.8. file complaints regarding the processing of Personal Data with the Data Protection Inspectorate ( if he considers the processing of his Personal Data to be unlawful or contrary to applicable law.

7.9. If you want to exercise any of the above rights, submit an application via the communication channels specified in clause 9.3 or in free form. It is important to attach to the application the details of your identification card, (photo). This is necessary so that we can make sure that you are a data subject and have the right to submit an application.

8. How secure is your data on the Internet?

The A-Flowers OÜ website takes the necessary measures to ensure the completeness, correctness and protection of personal data collected on the website. We have taken reasonable precautions to protect information from loss, misuse and alteration. Data security requirements are periodically reviewed and supplemented as necessary. Access to your data is available only to authorized persons.

9. How to contact us?

9.1. If you have questions regarding these terms or wish to exercise any of your rights, please contact us.

9.2. The client has the right to contact A-Flowers OÜ company regarding the processing of his Personal data using the communication channels indicated on our website

9.3. Private Clients can be contacted by email: